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Introduction Principle

High-precision surface measurement with white-light-interferometry

The flexibility of KORAD3D with regard to the composition of surfaces offers a diverse range of applications.
All kinds of materials in various states of processing and even translucent objects can be measured with an accuracy of a few microns or even nanometers without contacting.
The KORAD3D family of sensors enables a wide variety of applications
because of its various modifications and universal construction:
- Quality assurance at production lines (100% inspection)
- Measurements of electronic parts and components
- Measuring individual parts for shape acquisition and inspection purposes
- Measuring even ceramic, silicon, human skin and rubber
- Roughness measurements for quality inspection
- Measuring historical works of art
The data acquisition and processing software SoftKORAD3D can be thoroughly controlled via its integrated DCOM interface by other programs.

Further details can be found in the PDF file of the product flyer.

Measurement Principle: White Light Interferometer

KORAD3D is a compact measuring head based on the white light interferometry measurement principle. It compares the path length of the light reflected or scattered by the object surface with a reference path length. In this patented measurement process, the measuring head scans the object while moving in the z-direction.

The results is a 'depth image' of the object with a very low measurement uncertainty. It combines the advantages of common tactile sensors with the benefits of optical sensors: high measurement accuracy and non-contact, high-speed scanning with a high data rate.

More information

Technische Details:
- Lateral measurement fields from 2 x 2 mm² up to 110 x 110 mm²
- Lateral resolutions from 1 µm up to 100 µm
- Longitudinal measurement range upt to 100 mm
- Longitudinal measurement uncertainty:
  - for optically rough surfaces: typically 1 µm (object roughness)
  - for optically smooth surfaces: up to 200 nm
- Measurement speed up to 500 Ám/s (longitudinal)
- Measurement times: possible clock speeds of < 1.5 seconds

- Quality Inspection
- Measurement of Surface Roughness
- Surface Inspection
- Skin Measurement
- Compact measuring head
- Adjustable construction
- No shadowing
- User-friendly software

Measurement Examples

borehole Shadowing is avoided through coaxial illumination. Low lying surfaces in drill holes can be measured without any difficulty.
The illustration shows an example of the measurement of various tapered surfaces in a borehole approximately 10 mm deep.
By a similar method, tapered surfaces are measured in a 40 mm deep borehole with a diameter of 3 mm.
Color coded depth image of a sealing surface. Measurement for levelness and damage detection on the surface. depth image of a seal face
bump array 3D representation of a bump array: measured with the KORAD3D MXS13 for 100% inspection during production.
3D display of an undulated glas plate.
FLABEG Solarglas GmbH & Co. KG
3D display of an undulated glas plate

3D-Shape GmbH also provides 3D measurement services using the KORAD3D measuring system.

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KORAD<sup>3D</sup> vertikaler Aufbau
KORAD3D vertical configuration


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