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Introduction Measurement Principle
Sensor Specification Measurement Examples

Inspection system for specular and reflective surfaces

Using our area type 3D sensor SpecGAGE3D, specular surfaces like those of eyeglass lenses, head-up-displays, plastic films, decorative trims, solar cells, hard disks, etc. can be measured quickly and very accurately in a cost efficient manner. This product provides a tool for development and quality assurance departments to improve the production process in order to avoid manufacturing errors and, consequently, to minimize costs.

Measurement Principle

The new sensor is based on the principle of phase measuring deflectometry. To calculate the local slope of a surface a fringe pattern with a sinusoidal profile is projected onto a ground glass. A video camera observes the reflections of this pattern via the surface under test. The local slope of the surface can directly be calculated from the distortions of the observed fringe pattern. The local surface curvature is simply the first derivative of the local slope.
PMD: measuring principle  

This technique provides crucial advantages when compared with range measuring methods since for curvature computation the data have to be differentiated only once. Thus, high frequency noise is much less amplified than in the case of range data, which have to be differentiated twice.

Measurement Examples

Defect detection on automotive decorative trim parts

Measuring a progressive eyeglass lens

The local mean surface power (mean curvature) is represented on the left side, the local astigmatism is displayed on the right.
Example: progressive eyeglass lens  

Sensor Specifications

Measurement Principle
- Phase Measuring Stereo Deflectometry
Field of view
- 80 x 80 mm2
Measuring range
- ±18°
Measurement uncertainty
- ±0.02 dpt
- The device is factory calibrated and can be re-calibrated by a technician
  on request.
Included in package
- SpacGAGE3D
- PC
- Control and evaluation software for Microsoft Windows® NT/2000/XP
Dimensions h x w x d
- 1850 x 850 x 750 mm3


Exclusive distribution for ophthalmics by Schneider GmbH & Co KG.