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3D Gallery

All examples on this site were digitized with 3D sensors from 3D-Shape. The surfaces were reconstructed from the measured point clouds from multiple views with SLIM3D and visualized with the integrated display tools. The figures can be enlarged by clicking. By clicking on Animation Flash animations can be started. Via the PMH file icon PMH meshes for the 3DViewer can be downloaded.

Face with texture Flora
Textured 3D dataset of a
human face  Open Flash animation  download PMH file
Mesh of the head of a Statue
(Flora), 71 Views  Animation öffnen
CAD object Prof. Häusler
CAD object, 38 views  Click to load the PMH file Head of Prof. Häusler,
50 views  Animation öffnen
human bite human molar
human bite, 40 views human molar, 10 views
St. Georg Ludwig Erhard
Head of a statue (St. Georg,
Germanische Nationalmuseum),
Bust of former German Federal
Chancellor Ludwig Erhard,
23 views  Animation öffnen
snake-stone bronze horse by Franz Marc
snake-stone, 4 views bronze horses by Franz Marc,
detergent Trumpeting Angel in Bamberg cathedral (483 kByte)
Textured 3D dataset of a detergent
bottle, 24 views  Animation öffnen  Download PMH file
"Trumpet Angel" at the
Bamberg cathedral, 200 views  Animation öffnen
potato chip bag
Textured 3D dataset of a potato
chip bag  Animation öffnen  Download PMH file

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